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The Power of One

About Jesse Lewis III

   Jesse Lewis III is an inspirational speaker, minister and author born and raised in New Jersey. Jesse worked for 10 years as a highly effective middle school math teacher, and currently supports educators as a regional math consultant for Curriculum Associates.  JLew, challenges educators, youth, and families to grow their character just as much as their minds. JLew's mission is to inspire others to be their best selves by plugging into the power inside, the power of 1.

The power of 1 begins with you, the individual. There is only one you and you have the most power to control your destiny. Don't undervalue yourself because all the power you need is in you.

     1 also represents power in unity. No one reaches their fullest potential without having a strong group of people around them. Find ways to bring people together to reach a common goal and you can find success through the power of unity.

     "Who's number 1?" is always the question on people's mind because number 1 represents the best. The power in 1 means you always give your best in every endeavor. No excuses! Give it all you got, and then, give it more. Get in the habit of always putting 100% effort into all you do and success will follow.

     Number 1 also represents the beginning. Never forget or look down on where you came from. Your humble beginnings will do just that, keep you humble. Success is not a license to step on those beneath you, rather it is an opportunity to pull others up. Remember, true success is measured by the people behind you, not by the people you're above.




Plant. Point. Accelerate!

Change happens quickly playing the cornerback position, and even more quickly in life. Whether you're chasing around a speedy receiver or adjusting to an impromptu move to a new state, knowing how to transition well will keep you from being left behind struggling to catch up. Plant, Point, Accelerate will give you practical tools to help you handle life’s unexpected twists and turns, and provide time tested tips on how to become your best self. No matter who you are, or where you are in your life, strap on your cleats and hit the field for an inspiring journey in Plant, Point, Accelerate

Tears. Tickles. Triumphs.

"If you laugh, you cry, and you think, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day." These are the words of the late Jim Valvano, better known as, Jimmy V. If these three emotions make for a heck of a day, then Tears, Tickles, and Triumphs is certainly a heck of a book. JLew brings life to the pages through emotional compositions such as Band Aids On Bruises, tickles all your funny bones with his Kid Issues, and captures your heart and mind with Kingship. Without a doubt, Tears, Tickles, and Triumphs is the emotional roller coaster we call life, from cover to cover.


Presentations and Workshops

For Educators

For Educators

Problem To Solve

PTS is a fun and interactive workshop where participants will engage in organic problem solving and authentic critical thinking. PTS incorporates 21st centry skills with everyday problem solving and decision making to create activities that assess the whole of learning rather than one specialized content area. (Computer Required)

Outcomes: Participants will...

  • Understand how PTS differs from other problem solving activities.

  • Learn how to create and implement PTS in various classroom settings.

  • Learn how to tailor PTS to specific content area standards.

Move It. Move It.

Engaging White Privilege uses storytelling and dialogue to bring understanding to educators on a very delicate and controversial subject. In order to create racially equitable learning environments, educators must come to understand what white privilege is and how it effects their school community.

Outcomes: Participants will...

  • Understand the true meaning of white privilege.

  • Learn how white privilege affects different members of a school community.

  • Learn best practices for creating a racially equitable school community.

For Scholars

For Scholars

Empowering Our Future: The Series

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 8.53.44 AM.png

Living Up To The Label

Each year companies invest seemingly unlimited resources to create the perfect packages to sell their products. These “labels” will certainly catch your eye, but its really what’s inside the package that matters. “Living Up To The Label” is all about peeling back the labels and examining the ingredients that make up our character.

Participants will learn:

  • What a "brand" is.

  • How important it is to have a "brand."

  • How to use positive character traits to strengthen their "brand."

Attitude Determines Altitude

Scottish novelist Walter Scott is quoted saying, "For success, attitude is equally as important as ability." even the most skillful person will never reach their full potential without the right attitude. don't let your character cut you off from your destiny.

Participants will learn:

  • What attitude is.

  • How the adolescent brain works and how it effects attitude.

  • How to change their attitude by changing what they put into their minds.

S.U.I.T. the Guys

Perception is reality. Therefore, if you change the perception, you can change the reality. "S.U.I.T. The Guys" challenges young men to "Suit Up" their minds, so they are empowered to create a new, positive, and productive reality.

Participants Will Learn:

  • How perception shapes reality.

  • How perception is linked to the media.

  • How to change perception by being studied, unique, intuitive, and tough.


Diamonds being a girl's best friend is up for debate. But no one can deny that a girl, who sees herself as a diamond, is a priceless gift. "gemstones" gives young girls the gift of seeing themselves as priceless jewels by looking at the qualities and characteristics of gems.

Participants will learn:

  • What low self-esteem is and its detrimental effects.

  • The characteristics that make a stone a gem - rarity, beauty, and strength.

  • How to use rarity, beauty, and strength to build their own and other's self-esteem.


Plant. Point. Accelerate! The Presentation

The best corners excel on the field the same way successful people excel at life, they are able to transition smoothly when faced with change. Plant. Point. Accelerate! is an inspiring presentation about how to face one of life's greatests certainties, unexpected change.

Participants will learn:

  • 3 Fundamental skills for dealing with transitions in life.

  • How to achieve life success by using the skills they hone on their fields of play.

Grind And Grit

Grind and Grit is a 3 part series of designed to challenge its participant’s ideology on competition and grittiness.

Session 1: Playing or Competing:

  • In session one participants will explore the dichotomy between playing sports and competing in sports through video presentation, role playing activities, and group discussion. The session will conclude with a personal reflection on the question, “What makes you compete?”

Session 2: Getting Gritty:

  • In session two participants will discuss some of the central themes of Grit by Angela Lee Duckworth. In the book she describes how passion and perseverance lead to success in various fields of life. In small groups, participants will critique snippets of the text then the group will come to a consensus of what grit is to them.

Session 3: The Winner's Motif:

  • In session three participants will develop a winner’s motif or set of ideas or distinctive features that winners exhibit. The group will view the video The Mindset of A Winner by Kobe Bryant in pieces and pull out the themes they identify that made him a winner.

For Parents

For Parents

The Learning Home

Developing Critical Thinking At Home

Spanish philosopher George Santayana once said, "A child educated only at school is an uneducated child." With the busyness of life and constant changes in education, it can be difficult for parents to keep up with all that schools are doing. Luckily, if you foster a love for learning, you won't have to. The Learning Home helps parents build a home environment centered around learning. 

Parents will:

- Understand the difference between a student and a learner.

- Understand the impact of a learning home on academic success.

- Leave with practical strategies and tools to transform their home into a learning environment.

Parents are always looking for ways to help their children excel in the classroom. Reading, writing, and math skills are vital, however there is one skill that is universally required for success in todays educational system. That skill is critical thinking.

Parents will:

- Leave with a clear understanding of what critical thinking looks and sounds like

- Understand how critical thinking is important for academic success

- Leave with 5 simple ways to develop critical thinking skills at home

It's Not New Math

As a math teacher, I've watched over the years as more and more parents struggled to understand what their child is bringing home. "They changed math!" one parent scolded me. But did they? It's Not New Math aims to help parents understand the instructional shifts in mathematics and how these shifts are preparing their children for the world they will live in.

Parents will:

- Understand the reason for new instructional shifts in mathematics

- Understand the Standards for Mathematical Practice

- Learn various models and strategies their child is learning in school


Let's connect so we can work toward #MasteringPower, together! | (908) 397-9477 | @just1jlew

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